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Course Requirements

Eligibility should be Graduate in any descipline from any recognised university.

Course Description

Course Overview: This course aims to provide students with a deep understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation management within various organizational contexts. Through a blend of theoretical frameworks, case studies, and practical exercises, students will explore the process of generating, evaluating, and implementing innovative ideas to create value and sustain competitive advantage.

Course Outcomes

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation and their significance in modern business environments.
  2. Explore the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development.
  3. Analyze different types of innovation and their implications for organizational strategy and performance.
  4. Develop skills for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities and assessing their feasibility and potential impact.
  5. Learn methods for fostering a culture of innovation within organizations and managing the innovation process effectively.
  6. Explore strategies for financing innovation and managing risk in entrepreneurial ventures.
  7. Understand the role of leadership in driving innovation and managing change within organizations.
  8. Explore emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Conclusion: By the end of this course, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of entrepreneurship and innovation management. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify entrepreneurial opportunities, lead innovation initiatives, and drive organizational growth and success in dynamic and competitive environments.

Course Curriculum


Prof. Yatish Kuril FMERU, FMERC

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Executive Summary:

With 30 years of experience in providing coaching, advisory, mentoring, and consulting services to Fortune 50 companies and a diverse range of businesses worldwide, I have established myself as a seasoned Organizational Alignment Specialist, Top Rank CEO Coach, Educationist, Global Board Member, and Advisor to Family Businesses. My multifaceted roles as an Angel Investor, Lead Researcher, Open Networker, Mentor, Author, Influencer, and Philanthropist have contributed to a comprehensive understanding of various industries and global business practices.

I bring to the table a range of expertise, including:

A comprehensive understanding of the dynamic forces shaping the global business climate.
A holistic view of general management, encompassing business operations, organizational structures, and competitive strategies.
Pragmatic knowledge and adept decision-making abilities to address day-to-day business challenges.
A proven track record of fostering creativity, making sound decisions, and devising result-oriented solutions.
A visionary approach to identifying unprecedented business opportunities and steering organizations toward a future of growth and success.
Unparalleled management proficiency in implementing corporate missions, coupled with best practice strategies to ensure global competitiveness and sustainable success.
Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) revolves around a simple yet powerful philosophy: "No Results, No Money," ensuring a commitment to tangible outcomes and client success.

Additionally, as a distinguished member of the Rotary Club of Thane East (Dist-3142), I am deeply involved in community initiatives and social development projects.

Industry Expertise Encompasses:

Automotive & Engineering
Consumer Package Goods
Electric Power & Natural Gas
Banking & Financial Services
Media & Entertainment
Metals & Mining
Oil & Gas
Higher Education
Private Equity
Public Sector
Pulp & Paper
Science Innovation
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Not For Profit
Government, International Development & Diplomacy
Aerospace & Defense
Homeland Security

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management course


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