Tuition fee terms and conditions

Requirements for payment

  • Admission to KFBS is conditional until the first tuition fee has been paid in full.
  • Tuition fees are set prior to the start of each academic year and vary from programme to programme.
  • The student must pay the tuition fee stipulated when he/she commences studies, provided that studies are conducted at a regular pace and without leave of absence.
  • The tuition fee must be paid by the deadlines set by KFBS.
  • The tuition fee must be paid one semester at a time, prior to the start of each semester.
  • The tuition fee imposed on programme students covers studies amounting to 60 credits per academic year.
  • Current students who fail to pay the stipulated tuition fee by the prescribed date will be put on academic suspension. 
  • Tuition fees do not cover other costs related to admission or studies at KFBS.

Requirements for com​pletion of courses and the issuing of the Diploma

  • An introductory course for diploma/ Certificate programme students comprising a maximum 3 credits may be included without extra tuition fees.
  • Programme students who are registered for courses that amount to more than 60 credits per annum will be liable to pay for the surplus credits (except for introduction courses, max 3 credits).
  • Students registered in individual courses will pay a credit-based tuition fee.
  • Students are liable to pay for all courses in which they have been registered.
  • A faster study pace will not result in any remuneration of the tuition fee.
  • Students who fail to complete their course(s) will be allowed to do so at a later date without being required to pay additional fees.
  • Students who participate in exchange programmes via KFBS are liable to pay full tuition to KFBS for their studies abroad.
  • All outstanding tuition fees for programmes and/or courses must be paid before a student can be issued a diploma.
  • Students who change programmes within KFBS will be liable to pay tuition for the supplementary courses needed in order to graduate from the new programme.
  • Credit transferals of up to 30 credits, which have been sanctioned by KFBS, will not entail any reduction of the tuition fee. The student may, however, replace such courses with KFBS courses amounting to a maximum of the equivalent credit value.
  • Credit transferals in excess of 30 credits, which have been sanctioned by KFBS, will result in a corresponding reduction of the tuition fee.


For stude​nts taking individual courses, the tuition fee includes

  • Courses that amount to the number of credits paid for
  • The student union membership fee


  • The tuition fee will be reimbursed if a cancellation of studies is caused by the denial of a residence permit​ or other extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control.
  • Tuition reimbursements will not include accumulated interest.

If a student’s status changes (e.g. Domicile, Citizenship), he/she must submit documentation to KFBS

 (tuitionfees@kfb-school.org) that certifies the change.

  • A change in status can only affect future liability regarding the tuition fee.
  • A change in status will not warrant any form of retroactive compensation. ​

No reimbursement of the tuition fee will be made as a result of:

  • Cancellations made after the semester has started
  • Academic suspension or expulsion carried out as a disciplinary measure
  • Withdrawals or leaves of absence from a programme or course
  • A change in status (e.g. citizenship) during a period of paid tuition (current term)

Terms and conditions of scholarship holders

(applies only to scholars with a scholarship awarded by KFBS)

  1. Scholarship holders must pass at least 75% of their courses during the first academic year in order to receive the scholarship the following academic year. Only course results registered on 1 July during the second academic year will be considered in this assessment.
  2. Scholarships will be awarded in the form of a reduction in the tuition fee.
  3. An offer of a scholarship is only valid for the year and programme stipulated in the scholarship notification.
  4. If the student is granted deferment until the next academic year, the offer of a scholarship is voided.
  5. If a student who has been awarded a scholarship changes programmes, the student will risk losing the scholarship as scholarships are programme-specific.
  6. If a scholarship only covers part of the tuition fee, the student must pay the remainder of the fee by the payment deadline.


Please send questions regarding tuition, payment thereof etc. to: tuitionfees@kfb-school.org