Research Center

  • Kuril Game Lab
  • Center For Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Entrepreneur Mind & Leadership Centre
  • Center for the Future of Company
  • Center for Business & Management
  • Center for Global Family Business
  • Center for Behavioral Economics
  • Center for Governance and Sustainability
  • Center for innovation, Marketing & Strategy.
  • Center for Globalization
  • Center for Social Entrepreneurship
  •  Center for Future Readiness

The objectives of a research centre at Kuril Founders B-School typically revolve around advancing knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and business management, supporting the educational mission of the B-school, and contributing to the business community.

  1. Conducting High-Quality Research: The primary objective of a research centre is to conduct rigorous and impactful research in areas relevant to entrepreneurs and business management. This involves generating new knowledge, advancing theoretical frameworks, developing innovative methodologies, and publishing research papers in reputable academic journals.
  2. Promoting Thought Leadership: Research centres aim to establish themselves as thought leaders by conducting cutting-edge research that contributes to the intellectual discourse in the business community. They seek to influence the development of theories, concepts, and practices in various domains, and to provide insights that shape the thinking of scholars, practitioners, and policymakers.
  3. Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Research centres often promote interdisciplinary collaboration by bringing together researchers from different disciplines, such as finance, marketing, strategy, operations, and organizational behaviour. This collaboration facilitates the exchange of ideas, encourages novel approaches to research, and addresses complex business challenges from multiple perspectives.
  4. Supporting Faculty and Student Research: Research centres provide support and resources to faculty members and students to conduct research projects. They may offer funding opportunities, access to data and research facilities, and guidance on research methodologies and publication strategies. This support helps foster a vibrant research culture within the business school.
  5. Enhancing Business Education: Research centres contribute to the educational mission of the business school by integrating research findings into the curriculum. They develop case studies, teaching materials, and practical examples based on their research to enrich the learning experience of students. This ensures that the education provided is grounded in up-to-date knowledge and industry relevance.
  6. Engaging with Industry and Practitioners: Research centres often establish partnerships with industry organizations, businesses, and practitioners. They collaborate on research projects, provide consultancy services, and facilitate knowledge exchange between academia and industry. This engagement helps bridge the gap between theory and practice, and ensures the relevance of research to real-world business challenges.
  7. Disseminating Research Findings: Research centres aim to disseminate their research findings to a wide audience. They publish research papers, write articles for practitioner-oriented publications, organize conferences and seminars, and maintain online platforms to share their insights with academic peers, practitioners, policymakers, and the general public.
  8. Attracting Funding and Grants: Research centres actively seek external funding and grants to support their research activities. They pursue partnerships with funding agencies, government bodies, industry sponsors, and philanthropic organizations to secure financial resources for research projects, infrastructure development, and operational expenses.


Overall, research centres at KFBS serve as hubs of knowledge creation, collaboration, and dissemination. They support faculty and student research, engage with industry, influence policy, enhance business education, and contribute to the advancement of the business community.