Executive Education

The accelerated pace and global scope of business underscore the crucial need for both executive and organizations to continually reinvent themselves. Without leaders who have mastered the latest concepts and practices, companies are ill prepared to compete and succeed in the long term.

The solution is lifelong management development which is why at KFBS recharge entrepreneurs thinking, enhance their individual management capacity, and learn to apply their newly developed competencies for sustainable corporate advantage.

KFBS Executive Education offers a program experience that is truel transformational. Entrepreneurs & Executives return to their organizations empowered by:

  • A greater understanding of the forces shaping the business climate.
  • An expanded view of general management as it relates to business operations, organizational  structures, and competitive strategies.
  • Deep, practical knowledge and sound judgement for addressing day-to-day challenges.
  • A greater ability to think creatively, make sound decisions, and develop results-driven solutions.
  • A new vision-based view of the future filled with unprecedented business opportunities;
  • A new level of management expertise for implementing the corporate mission; and
  • Best practice strategies to deliver long-term success and ensure global competitiveness.

Elements unique to KFBS learning model provide the foundation for many unparalleled Executive Education.

Philosophy : KFBS Executive Education experience is shaped by the school’s cross functional approach to general management, innovative teaching methodologies, which promotes teamwork and collaboration. Participants are exposed to an in-depth education that prepared them to immediately leverage their enhanced leadership capacity to build sustainable advantage for the companies.

Faculty: Every program is taught by a team of KFBS-highly respected academicians, educators, researchers, authors, and entrepreneurs who leverage their business expertise to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the practice of management. As business practitioners, they are living models of effective management and leadership. Working with these international business minds, participants gain knowledge straight from the source, exploring current and future issues and gaining exposure to new research-based business models.

Case Method:  The case method is employed as the best tool to teach general management and leadership. This learning by analogy compels participants to apply practical business lessons to their own company’s challenges. Executive Education participants benefit from an added dimension.

Interaction: Every program facet is structured to promote dynamics interchange and shared learning among talented, accomplished peers from divers companies, industries.

Technology : Simulation, online exercises’, webcasts, teleconferences and other technology based methodologies expose executives to the most recent advances and help them maximize the potential of technology in their work.