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Welcome, Meet the Founder.


KFBS is an Autonomous  Business school that provides Certificates, Post Graduate Diplomas, and Executive Education in the area of Advanced Business Management for Entrepreneurs & Family Businesses.


I Invite Aspirants, next-generation, and Board Members of companies Who want to be entrepreneurs & get into their Family Businesses for developing capability and aligning their Corporates, Businesses.


We Bring you responsible programs and courses for a responsible future.

We have eleven research centers which are started to benefit our students, Instructors to do research on the new things and invent as well as beneficial to Business and society.


Our Courses are taught by Distinguished Faculties, Senior Leaders, and Entrepreneurs who have impacted the world and made a difference. Also, we are Following & Implementing Practices, codes of Conduct made by Premium Accreditation Bodies for Higher Education.


About Founder:

Founded by  Yatish Kuril on 2nd June 2021 having Industry experiences of 29 Years and 18 Years in the area of Academics globally.

Yatish Kuril is also a Fellow Member of the Eudoxia Research University, USA &  Eudoxia Research Center, India.

Also Research Scholar in the area of Management from JJT University, Rajasthan.

Founded Firm By Yatish Kuril

· Proponent Consulting

· World Family Business Forum

· Thane Angels Network

· Yatish ManageMentor Show

Founder Yatish Kuril had worked in India and abroad in many Industries as given below, in various Capacities like high profile servent, Consultant, Coach, Professor, etc.


Automotive & Engineering
Consumer Package Goods
Electric power & Natural Gas
Banking & Financial Services
Media & entertainment
Metals & Mining
Oil & Gas
Higher Education
Private Equity
Public sector
Pulp & paper
Science Innovation
Logistics & Supply chain management.
Not For Profit
A government, International development & Diplomacy
Aerospace & Defense
Homeland Security

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